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Orange day
Cygnus celebrated Orange day today.Glimpses of the day.

Geeta Jayanti Mahatsav
Cygnus students visited Geeta Jayanti Mahatsav at kurukshetra on 29th Nov,2017.

Blue Day Celebrated
Cygnus celebrated the blue day today .children enjoyed the day with various competitions, dance, colours and music.

Children Day
Children’s day activities in cygnus.Happy childrens day

Milan Project
A student exchange programme milaan was organised in cygnus school where the students of GSSS bihta are attending various activities in cygnus and cygnites are going to GSSS bihta. Some glympses of the activities.

Diwali Celebration
Different activities were held in Cygnus high world school to celebrate diwali. Fun games. Interhouse Drama competition. Interhouse Rangoli competition. Class decoration competition and a community lunch was arranged for the Cygnus family.

Thematic Assembly
Thematic Assembly done by class KG.

Best Out of Waste
Best out of waste activity on the Diwali theme.

Hindi Diwas
Hindi diwas celebrations in school.