Our Motto

Fly High and True


The school endeavours to provide an opportunity to every student to reach out to the heights of academic and human elevation by providing an environment to the leaders to maximize their scholastic and personal potential. The School also aims at providing a platform for development of the student's ability to analyse, synthesize and think intricately about social and moral commitments.

To provide holistic and progressive education in tune with the latest developments in education to acquire "Learning to Learn " skills through unique and innovative teaching methods and to groom students to be multifaceted citizens with well honed thinking skills, good communication abilities & high self-esteem.

CHWS aspires to fly high in the true sense like the Cygnus and inspire a passion for learning, and discriminate between the good and the bad. This is a great quality of the Cygnus, genus swan.Make steady progress, be at the highest point in your career or reach a high position of eminent significance.

We vigorously strive to achieve excellence in all aspects of learning which includes:

  • Knowledge: The fact that the student should be able to recall to ensure competence in the subject.
  • Understanding: How the student will be able to interpret, apply or predict aspects of the subject.
  • Skills: How the student will be able to apply what has been learned in new situations.
  • Attitudes: How the student is changed by the learning experience.

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